ONCE A DAY – Body Smoothing Scrub

Slip into a new skin with Effusion Once a Day Body Scrub, the perfect partner for Effusion Twice a Day Active Cellulite Cream. This advanced exfoliator preps skin using a patented power blend of plant actives together with stimulating caffeine and soothing aloe in a microbead-free formula of Ground Shea Nut Shell grains suspended in a fresh, clear gel.



Exfoliates, smoothes, stimulates.

An invigorating, appearance enhancing body scrub. Crafted from a unique blend of salts and botanicals designed to smooth, hydrate and stimulate lymphatic drainage. As it cleanses and exfoliates, the scrub prepares your skin for the morning and night applications of Effusion Twice A Day Active Cellulite Cream.

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