While cellulite is perfectly natural, most of us want to find a way to make it disappear. Unfortunately reducing cellulite can take time and the first step to seeing results it is to understand what it is and how it forms.

Cellulite is the dimpled-looking skin that is commonly found around the thighs and bottom. It forms when fatty tissue within the skin pushes up against the connective tissue, causing the uneven effect.


It is estimated that around 90% of women will experience cellulite at some stage in their life, with the most common causes believed to be hormones, diet, lifestyle and genetics.


The good news is that even if you are genetically disposed to having the condition, there are still cellulite treatments and remedies that can help reduce its appearance. Here are some examples…


Lifestyle changes


Making changes to your lifestyle is a great place to begin your fight against cellulite. Start with some easy changes like drinking more water each day, because dehydration can worsen your cellulite. You should also consider a few diet changes too; try to reduce your salt intake (salt encourages your fat cells to swell, making them more pronounced) and eat plenty of detoxifying whole-grain and fibre-rich foods. If you are a smoker, cutting down or quitting will not only reduce your risk of developing cellulite, but it will also boost your overall health and allow you to enjoy a more active lifestyle.


Massage & body brushing


One of our favourite treatments for cellulite is massage. This can be done with the help of a professional massage therapist or by yourself at home. Massage can help to reduce cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage. This can also be achieved by body brushing, which pushes the subcutaneous fat away from the surface, minimising the dimpled appearance of the skin.

We are so passionate about this technique, we have developed our own Anti-Cellulite Massager Glove. This can be found in our Effusion Starter Kit, along with our revolutionary firming Twice A Day Active Cellulite cream.




Certain lower body exercises can help tighten the skin and tone the muscles around the thigh region. In turn, you may also see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Try to aim for a regular workout routine that combines aerobic exercises and strength training. Aerobic activities help you burn fat, while strength exercises help to tone up muscles and help with overall skin elasticity. Our favourite exercises to help combat cellulite are squats, high kicks and sitting against the wall.


Professional procedures


You may wish to try a professional procedure to reduce the appearance of your cellulite. Some of these treatments are effective but won’t fully remove your cellulite. It is also important to understand that the results are not always permanent, and you may need to repeat the treatment in the future.


Some effective treatments you could consider are:

  • CelluFix – a pain-free treatment that uses a combination of technologies (radio frequency treatment and laser therapy) to effect cellulite at a deeper level.


  • Lipotripsy – which activates fat cells under the skin using radial waves, helping them to leave the body naturally through the lymphatic system.


  • Radiofrequency Thermotherapy – a great option to deal with both cellulite and sagging skin, this treatment is helpful after surgery or pregnancy. It uses controlled heat to penetrate two layers of the skin to increase firmness and metabolism.


  • High-frequency Mesotherapy – an injection treatment that boosts the lower layers of skin and helps with new cell growth to combat skin problems like cellulite and ageing.


These treatments are available at EF MEDISPA clinics, located in Chelsea, Kensington, Richmond, St John’s Wood, Edgbaston and Bristol.