Dry skin brushing or body massaging has a number of health benefits and it is so simple to do.

You have probably seen the classic wooden style brushes in spas or health and beauty shops, but the more modern designs come in a variety of materials and sizes. Using a body brush or body massaging glove daily is a very quick and affordable way to promote healthy skin, boost your circulation and help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

So what is the best way to body brush? Read on for our recommended dry body brushing routine…

  1. Start your dry body brushing routine with our Anti-Cellulite Body Massager Glove. Its soft flexible material and raised nodules, easily contour to all areas of your body and scrub away dead skin cells. Use alongside our Effusion Once A Day Body Smoothing Scrub to boost circulation and leave your skin feeling revitalised and firmer.
  1. Always brush before you shower, when your skin is dry. Start at the bottom of your feet and move up your body.


  1. Once you reach your thighs and bottom, start moving the brush in circular motions, always brushing towards your heart.


  1. Brush your arms and onto your chest in a circular motion. Take care brushing around your neck as this can be a sensitive area. Start at the back of the neck and move the brush forwards.


  1. Brush your entire body firmly, in long strokes towards your heart, with the brush flat on your skin.


  1. Once you’ve brushed from top to toe, you can choose to end your routine with a shower. Take care which products you use when showering, as your skin will be extra sensitive after brushing.


  1. After your shower, pat your skin dry and apply Effusion Twice A Day Active Cellulite Cream. Massage a small amount of the cream over clean, dry skin in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Focus on areas such as arms, legs and buttocks. For best results apply this cream twice daily.